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​​The four week course is $4995. A comparison of different types of Six Sigma training is shown ....

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Critical Thought, Product and Process Maps, Measurement Methods, DOE, Analysis Methods, Testing in noisy environments, ....​

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Training that makes a difference.

This four week training is simply not like other programs. With in depth real life examples, hands on data gathering, and over 192 hours of classroom face to face contact time, it is the learning journey of a lifetime. The tools and concepts taught will solve some of the most difficult problems engineers come across in their careers.

Each class holds up to 24 students, giving a great range of experiences and networking in manufacturing and design engineering positions.



Typical averages for business impact for this type of course have shown to be more than $100,000 per student​....

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Design and Manufacturing Six Sigma Training

30 Years of Manufacturing  Experiences

10 years of Instructor Experiences

Certified Level II Master Black Belt.